WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - A man is in custody after a short manhunt after an attempted burglary.

Police said Andrew Harbour tried to break into a Wagoner County official's home. 

K-9 units searched property along 289th east avenue after a woman called 911 for a burglary in progress. 

Deputies said she was home alone when she confronted the man, that's when he took off into the woods.

It was a frightening Friday morning Roger Raglin said when he heard that there was a burglary suspect on the loose near his property.

Raglin said his son quickly grabbed his drone and searched the area. That's when he spotted the suspect on a hill.

It all started when deputies said they received a call from the wife of a Wagoner County official that someone was trying to break into her home. 

Deputy Nick Mahoney said the suspect ran into a wooded area, sparking a 2-hour manhunt near 91st and 305th East Avenue. 

Police say Harbour was carrying a skill saw.

Deputies arrested 18-year-old Andrew Harbour. They said a neighbor called 911 when she spotted him walking down 81st street. 

Investigators believe Harbour was going to use the skill saw as a tool to break into the home.