EDMOND, Oklahoma - A group of 2012 Edmond Memorial graduates donated money to a GoFundMe campaign for two of their classmates, Zach and Katelyn Bradshaw. The money was to be used to help them with their terminally ill son, Liam. However, six months later, they still haven't received it all.

“He's very happy-go-lucky,” said Katelyn of her son. "He's very resilient."

Looking at two-year-old Liam, he’s full of life, but on the inside, he’s battling bone cancer.

“You can tell he gets winded a lot easier,” she said.

After 11 months of chemotherapy, he was cancer-free. However, the cancer came back with a vengeance in August and he was given six months to live.

“It's definitely not easy,” Katelyn said, "but our thing, kind of the whole way through, has just been, you know, 'You can sit and be sad and upset about the whole thing or we can enjoy every minute that we have,’ and so that's what we've been doing."

One foundation helped the couple take a trip to Disneyland last summer.

“Just seeing him there,” she tearfully said, "he was so happy. It's definitely hard. I try not to tear up but it's definitely hard.”

Then, one classmate decided to pull the Edmond Memorial class of 2012 together by donating to a surprise GoFundMe account for the family. The private campaign was set up in the classmate's name so that it could be a surprise for the Bradshaw’s. They raised over $2,200 but the couple has yet to receive it all.

“Whether it was accidently used or it was accidently lost,” she said, "I don't know, but it's not here."

The money would come in small amounts over months of waiting with many people fearing the fund was a scam, even posting their concern on Facebook.

“I don't want to assume anything because I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt,” she said.

The couple is still waiting on about $700, but now Liam is at the six-month mark and time is running out for them to enjoy it.

“It's sad because it was meant for him so that we could spend time with him,” she said. “I get to take him and do small things but not like what we wanted to do.”

The site set up by the classmate has been taken down and the Bradshaws were promised the rest of the money by next week. Meanwhile, they set up their own campaign if you'd like to donate.