MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - A little girl with severe burns after a weekend fire in Muskogee is now recovering at Shriner's Hospital in Galveston.

Her family, along with several others, lost everything. Now, the community is doing what they can to help them.

Tony Goetz Elementary sent a note home with students asking for help, and one day later, a room is now full of donations to help families who are starting over.

Toys and clothes are piling up as sixth-grader Phoebe Green works to help three of her peers, including Myla Parks, who's missed in these halls this week.

"A lot of jeans and some of them still have the tags on them,” said Green. "She'll hug you and then just walk away. She's really sweet.”

And Parks is maintaining that positivity right now.

"The day she woke up in the hospital, she was smiling and laughing within an hour,” said fire victim Mallory Epperson. 

The six-year-old is being treated at the Shriner's Hospital in Galveston after Muskogee firefighters say an accidental electrical fire sparked at the Village East Apartments.

Myla is recovering from burns to about 20 percent of her body. Her feet are covered in blisters.

"They're starting the physical therapy tomorrow to get her to be walking tomorrow, hopefully by Saturday or Sunday,” said Epperson.

No one else was injured but firefighters say five families have to find a new place to live.

"It was really traumatic,” said Erica Eubanks.

Eubanks and her daughters escaped and are now starting over with the help of everyone who is stopping by Tony Goetz Elementary with donations.

"I don't know where I would begin,” said Eubanks. “I'm so thankful for that."

"It makes me feel happy because it's not going to go to waste, and it's gonna go to someone for a good thing,” said Green.

There are a lot of clothing donations but the school also wants to help with household items. If you have anything you'd like to donate, just stop by during the school day.

If you don't have clothing or household items to donate, there are several other ways to give. Those options are listed below. 

  • Go Fund Me for Myla
  • Armstrong Bank will accept donations to the account called “Hillory Davis,” who is Myla’s aunt.
  • Freddy’s (located at 530 W Shawnee, Muskogee, OK) is donating 15 percent of sales on food orders made Monday, February 5 from 5:00-10:00 p.m.