TULSA, Oklahoma - A grandmother recently filed a police report after she says her grandson stole her car. When she heard where her 15-year-old grandson was, she took matters into her own hands.

"I told him I was going to get my car back; bring me my car back. I begged him, begged him, begged him for three days,” said Sandra Gunnells.

Gunnells says she was on her way to work Tuesday when her phone rang. Someone spotted her 15-year-old grandson behind the wheel of her car near east 56th street.

“Once we ran into that corner, he was coming this way. We was going that way, so we busted a u-ey and we chased him,” said Gunnells.

Police say that chase near 56th and Frankfort reached dangerous speeds. Sandra says at one point her grandson was even going the wrong way.

“He was in oncoming traffic driving like a maniac,” she said. “Just as we got even with each other, he swerved in front of me. I hit him and because I thought I could spin him out and he would stop. When he hit us, I hit that pole and did all that damage over there."

The poll snapped right at the ground, and the vehicle she was driving was badly damaged. Her car was damaged as her grandson took off running. As you can imagine, police weren't very happy when they got there.

“Let us do our job. When you get in chases, this is what happens,” said Corporal J.D. Curran.

Corporal Curran says they're both lucky they weren't seriously injured or killed.

“She is very lucky that the car hit the pole where it did and that she's not pinned in there and dead at this point,” said Curran.

"At that moment, I wasn't really thinking about the repercussions but about my actions,” said Gunnells. “I was just trying to slow him down and get my car back."

Police say Gunnells will likely be ticketed for reckless driving.

As for her grandson, for now, he was able to get away. She believes that he ran to his dad's house nearby.

According to her, the teen had several run-ins with police. We will let you know if he ends up facing charges for his part in the chase and crash.