TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are looking for the man they say shot and wounded a Tulsa convenience store clerk during a robbery Tuesday evening.

Officer say it happened at 7 p.m. at Naifee's convenience store located in the 200 block of Mohawk Boulevard.  Police say the man walked into the store and pointed a gun at the clerk, demanding cash from the store's clerk.

After getting the cash, the man shot that clerk in the leg.  EMSA took the victim to a Tulsa hospital and police say he is expected to be OK.

Police say it's unfortunate the clerk was shot, even though he did exactly what the robber asked.

"That is the advice we give victims, just comply. And then when they do comply, someone is callous enough to inflict injury," said Tulsa Police Captain Mike Williams.

The robber was last seen running away from the store. 

Police searched of the area but failed to find the robber.