TULSA, Oklahoma - The City of Tulsa condemned part of an apartment complex and residents had to move out Wednesday.

It comes after months with no heat and no sign it's going to be fixed.

The City only found out about the problem Friday and since has ordered the complex manager to fix a chronic issue with the heat. It's not going to be fixed anytime soon, so the City has shut the place down.

The frustrated residents of Fulton Plaza near 51st and Yale started packing up or throwing out their belongings on orders to move Wednesday.

The sudden notice came after the City gave the property owner 24 hours to get a plan together to fix the heat.

The work continues, but more problems cropped up with rooftop plumbing, so the city partially condemned the complex.

Clyde Harbin said he pays $550 a month with a Section 8 voucher and he has no means to move.

City Councilor Karen Gilbert pushed for quick action after the City heard about the problem Friday.

“It's not fixed completely it's only fixed partially and that's the rationale as to why we're condemning part of the property and not the whole property,” Gilbert said.

A U-Haul was rented to help with the move but it's one truck for 36 units and nothing else.

Gilbert said they are trying to relocate families with children enrolled in nearby schools to vacant apartments in the complex that do have heat.

Some will be going to Sierra Pointe Apartments at 11th and Garnett. Some of the tenants expressed their anger and said they don't have the money to spend on a move.

Residents had been using space heaters as their primary heat source. A few Tulsa firefighters were assigned to “fire watch" to make sure they were close and ready to respond if any fires were to break out.