OWASSO, Oklahoma - Former Oklahoma State Cowboy Brian Montonati finally took the jump into being a head coach.

At first, he was a bit concerned.

"It's been a whirlwind because my busy schedule, my personal life and then the expectations of our program, but it's gone well,” said Montonati.

It’s gone so well that the Rams are rolling. Right now, Owasso is in the midst of a 12-game winning streak.

"For us to rattle off 12 games in a row, you've got to be a little fortunate, and sometimes it's better to be lucky than it is to be good,” he said.

"He's very intense,” said senior guard Jake Thompson. “He just gets us going and I think, with his intensity, it brings us close together."

Montonati played under the legendary Eddie Sutton, but do the players remember when Sutton coached?

Reporter Harold Kuntz: "Before you had to look it up, what did you know about Eddie Sutton?

Thompson: "Knew he was a great coach; that's it."

Montonati has been an assistant for the past couple of years with the Owasso Rams. But now as the head man in charge, how much of Eddie Sutton's personality and playbook has he brought to the Rams?

"I catch myself saying things he used to say to me 20 years ago, but the game is different,” said Montonati. “We run a little bit of stuff that we ran in college, but I just try to keep the guys disciplined."

And the demeanor?

"I coach the way I played,” Montonati stated. “I played with a ton of passion at the end of the day. I'm just trying to get these guys to play as hard as possible."

So far, the Montonati approach is working.