SKIATOOK, Oklahoma - Firefighters dealt with one wildfire after another in Green Country Thursday afternoon. including near Skiatook and Adair.

Three fires burned along Highway 20 between Skiatook and Hominy. Video from Osage Drone 6 shows some flames reached 10 to 15 feet high.

One fire along burned about 2,000 acres.

We were initially told there was suspicion the fires were set intentionally. However, both the Osage County Emergency Manager and the Osage County Sheriff said they believe the fires were accidental.

Osage County Emergency Manager Jerry Roberts said it's unclear what kind of accident may have sparked the fire.

"We have a lot of fires that somebody will be dragging a log chain or a safety chain on a trailer or something like that. As dry as it is, humidity and everything, just one sparkle, really start them good," Roberts said.

Several fire departments responded to the fires - nine worked the fire in the middle.

They faced several challenges, including strong winds and dry conditions.

Rancher Gayle Prather said his land was burned by one of the fires. The structures on his property are fine, but, he said all his land - about 300 acres - is scorched.

"The grass is gone and now I'll have to buy hay until the green grass gets here for the spring. Gotta buy hay. We'll get through it. We'll get through it, it's just aggravating," he said.

The emergency manager said the fires are contained and the fire in the middle should burn out into the lake.