TULSA, Oklahoma - Parents and teachers held a private meeting Thursday night to discuss growing issues at Edison High School. 

News On 6 spoke to teachers, students, and parents at the meeting Thursday and they said they want to see change within the school district,  which starts with attracting quality educators instead of putting a band-aid on the issue, but this is an issue that's much bigger than Tulsa Public Schools.

“It makes the most sense TPS should be more fund[ed] because you can't have fun unless you're funded right?” said Edison Junior Faith Shirley. 

Shirley came to the meeting to make her voice heard. 

Shirley, along with several of her classmates, says they're tired of the turnover at Edison. 

“I think that there's a lot of stress in the classrooms both on the teachers and the students and the administration,” said Junior Brendan Jameson. 

After a video surfaced of a teacher throwing a desk earlier this month, administrators hope that one incident doesn't reflect on the quality educators in TPS.  

“Every day, all across Tulsa, we have thousands and thousands of teachers who not only know how to handle themselves in difficult situations but lead amazing learning experiences for students,” Superintendent Gist said. 

“Not all teachers are like that and not all students are represented in that light I think that there should not be a stereotype for the teachers of TPS, the administration of TPS, or the students at TPS,” said Jameson. 

But because of low pay, it's becoming increasingly difficult to keep those educators around. 

“I was at QuikTrip over on Peoria and I ran into a former student and I said ‘look at you working’ and she said ‘I heard that quick trip employees make more than a school teacher’ and I couldn't help but feel the sting,” said Edison English Teacher Larry Cagle.  

With this meeting, parents are hoping to bridge the gap and help become part of the solution to a growing problem. 

The TPSA President said that they are working to compile a list of things to discuss with administrators on Friday.