TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say they were forced to fire pepper balls into a crowd outside a Tulsa apartment complex late Thursday after residents threw rocks at officers at the end of a police chase.

It happened in front of the Savannah Landing Apartments in the 1100 block of East 60th Street at 9:45 p.m.

This after officers stopped a 2003 Silver Chevy pickup for not having a tag light and other traffic violations.  They say the driver circled complex several times before police used stop sticks, deflating several of the truck's tires.

Police had to break out the windows of the pickup to get the driver out, and while they were doing that, apartment residents began yelling at them and throwing rocks.

They say at one point, police had to use pepper balls to keep the crowd back.

"I just want to remind the public that we're out here trying to do a dangerous job as it is. So if we could just have people support us, refrain until they have the facts and know what's going on, we'd appreciate it," said Tulsa Police Captain Shellie Seibert. 

Captain Seibert says an officer hit in the head with a rock, will be OK.  

She says police were able to arrest the man, who was taken to the hospital for health-related issues.  

They say no one else was arrested.