WAGONER COUNTY, Oklahoma - A man is behind bars, accused of repeatedly drugging and raping a 19-year-old family member.

The father's name is Collin Lamb and he is in the Wagoner County jail.

Detectives interviewed the 45-year-old after responding to a police report filed by the victim.

The victim told deputies a family member had been routinely drugging and raping her.

During interviews, deputies said Lamb admitted to providing Ambien and meth and having sex with the victim on at least 8 occasions.

Lamb told investigators he would use Ambien because it influenced the victim’s memory of the crimes.

He also admitted to renting hotel rooms where the crimes would take place. 

Wagoner County Sheriff Chris Elliot said Lamb told investigators he thought his actions were okay because the victim was of a consenting age. 

"I'm appalled. I'm a father. I'm a grandfather. I've got granddaughters and I can't wrap my mind around that way of thinking and the 19-year-old family member. What is she going through right now," Elliot said. 

Deputies arrested Lamb on 8 complaints of first-degree rape by means of intoxication.