TULSA, Oklahoma - New information has surfaced about a grandmother who crashed a car while chasing her teenage grandson earlier in the week.

News On 6 covered that grandmother, Sandra Gunnells, back in 2014 when she was arrested for running over a woman who was walking and leaving that woman to die.

Sandra Gunnells ran over Missy Kelley in 2012 and kept going, never stopped or came forward. 

By the time someone found Missy on the side of the road, it was too late to save her. It took police two years to arrest Gunnells. 

Then, in 2015, Gunnels pled no contest to the fatal hit and run and got a three-year prison sentence. That would've put her in prison until this November, but, she was released after 11 months.

"I was horrified that she's out. I didn't even know she was out," said Missy’s sister Sharon Ball. 

Sharon Ball said she was drinking her morning coffee when she saw the News On 6 story this week about Sandra Gunnells wrecking a car while chasing after her teenage grandson, who Gunnels said had stolen a car and was driving down the wrong side of the road. 

Tulsa Police said they’re lucky no one was hurt or killed.
Sharon couldn't believe it.

"To see she's still out there with vehicles, running people down, wreaking havoc, with no regard for human life, still. It's just shocking," Ball said. 

Sharon said she has no faith left in the justice system. She said first, it took two years to arrest Gunnells for killing Missy. Then, Sharon thought a three-year sentence was too light and now, she said it's clear Gunnells hasn't learned a thing. 

Sharon said it's a slap in the face to her sister's memory.

"Like she meant nothing, but she did mean something, she meant something to a lot of people. She was a special person," Ball said. 

Police did not arrest Gunnells at the scene of the car wreck, but Sharon would like to see Gunnells face some consequences for once again putting people in danger.

"It's unbelievable, it's just unbelievable," Ball said.