TULSA, Oklahoma - This week's winning call belongs to a wrestling legend who returned to the Sooner State this past week to give back.

Former Tulsa Edison standout Bill Goldberg was inducted into the TPS Hall of Fame Thursday night.

News On 6 caught up with the soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer to get his thoughts on wrestling, growing up in Tulsa, and his future.

"Realize that anything you do is an example of the people that came before you, whether it be as a Goldberg, as an Edison Eagle, or as a native of Oklahoma and a person that came from Tulsa. I have a lot on my back and I carry that weight with open arms," Goldberg said.  

Bill Goldberg has experienced success of which most of us will only dream.

First as a professional football player and then in a professional wrestling career that will see him inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April. 

But he said none of it would have happened if it wasn't for his hometown.

"Tulsa is everything to me. I'm so proud of growing up here, but the fact is, I couldn't have accomplished any of it without all the people around me," said Goldberg.  

Goldberg was back in town last week, first inducted into the Tulsa Public Schools Hall of Fame and then as part of a fundraiser for his alma mater, The Edison High football team.

"It shows the passion, it shows the allegiance we have to being an Edison Eagle. It means a lot," said Goldberg.  

Fans filled the Southern Hills Marriott for a picture and autograph with a real-life superhero, many of which weren't around when he took WCW by storm in 1997.

"To be able to see the next generation of kids being fans, it kind of makes me speechless, which is really hard," Goldberg said.  

Goldberg returned to the ring in 2016 after a 12-year absence, and last wrestled in April but doesn't really sound like a guy ready to hang up the trunks for good.

"You know, I'm never going to shut it completely, because if I do, then that's a fatalistic end. I don't like to end, put an end on anything,” he said, “I'm in better shape than half those kids and I'm 51 years old. I train every day." 

One of the cool moments of the night was a reunion between player and coach. Jim Cherry coached Bill Goldberg at Edison High back in the mid-80s. 

He said he's got some good stories about his former player, and well, we'll just let them tell you.

"You were one of my big, favorite people that I got to coach, that I got to run a bunch and do some things with you," said Jim Cherry to Goldberg. 

"He was a tremendous athlete. He helped me in my career in lots of ways. He was a leader, he hustled, and he liked to hit," Cherry said.  

"Coach Cherry means everything to me, man. Our relationship when I was a student-athlete at Tulsa Edison was unparalleled. He was like a second father to me," said Goldberg.