TULSA, Oklahoma - Testimony began on the first day of Stanley Majors' murder trial. Majors is charged with shooting and killing his neighbor in what prosecutors are calling a hate crime.

Majors’ attorney isn't denying his client shot and killed Khalid Jabara, but, he argues Majors was dealing with untreated schizophrenia and had delusions that the Jabara family was out to get him because he is gay.

We heard several testimonies Monday, including a deposition from Majors’ now-deceased husband, Stephen Schmauss.

Schmauss said they'd been together since the 60s, but he'd noticed a change in Majors' behavior, saying he became less forgiving and more violent over time.

We also heard from neighbors who heard the gunshots and ran outside to help.

One woman said she saw Majors standing on the Jabara's front porch telling Khalid, "I told you this was going to happen."

Prosecutors said Majors was jealous of the friendship between Jabara and his husband and was also prejudiced against the Jabara family because of their Lebanese ethnicity.

Majors pointedly stared at members of the Jabara family in court throughout the day.

Recap of day 1 of the Stanley Majors' murder trial: