TULSA, Oklahoma - A new survey names Tulsa as the 12th deadliest city in the country. 

CBS News reported the survey that looked at homicide rates in 61 cities.

To give some perspective, Oklahoma City came in 31st and St. Louis came in at number one.

Sgt. Dave Walker with Tulsa's homicide unit said one homicide is too many, and the record-breaking numbers need to an end. 

"The murders didn't stop. Usually, what happens you're gonna get a rash of murders in peaks and valleys and it evens out," Walker said. 

That's not what happened over the past couple years. In 2016 the city reported a record-breaking number of 82 homicides. 

"The good news about 82 is we solved 81 of them so that's like a 98 percent solve rate," Walker said. 

But, that number was nearly broken again with 81 homicides last year- Sgt. Walker says every case is senseless and no one deserves to be killed. 

"If they, whoever they may be, the victim or the witness would have done something different than this would have worked itself out," Walker said. 

So far this year, there have been three homicides including an officer-involved shooting. 

The first happened on January 11 when 22-year-old Jaleel Mixon was shot and killed on West 50th Street. 

"Glenda his mother is so strong, strong faith. That family is really grounded in the word," said Pastor Scott Gordon.

Sapulpa's Calvery Baptist Church Pastor Scott Gordon is a family friend and officiated Jaleel's funeral.

"Wonderful kid, you know as many kids a lot of people label kids as problem kids but I say kids are kids with problems looking for solutions," Gordon said. 

Gordon, whose brother was murdered 30 years ago says enough is enough and the solution takes all of us. 

"Work together...as one Tulsa not no south Tulsa north Tulsa but as one Tulsaans be able to reach the community to say, we are here for you," Gordon said. 

Walker credits witnesses and tips to help solve nearly every homicide in the city. 

It's worth mentioning now, no arrests have been made in Jaleel Mixon's homicide. 

If you know anything about who shot and killed the young man you're asked to call Tulsa Crime Stoppers.