TULSA, Oklahoma - Testimony in the murder trial of Stanley Vernon Majors continued Tuesday in Tulsa County District Court.

Majors listened as several witnesses for the state took the stand Monday. Tuesday, the parents of victim Khalid Jabara took the stand.

Khalid's father, Mounah Jabara, told jurors he was inside the house when his son was shot by Majors.

The assistant district attorney played the 911 call where Mounah frantically told dispatchers about the shooting.

Family members were in tears, and some of them had to walk out of the courtroom to compose themselves.

Haifa Jabara, Khalid's mother, said she was on the phone with her son when she heard a commotion and, later, she said Khalid was yelling for help and she said she heard Majors' voice in the background.

Haifa referred to Majors as a hateful, nasty and rude neighbor, saying he'd scream hateful words at her family and threatened certain family members.

The district attorney's office said all of the courtrooms are full, so when the jurors aren't in court, they're meeting in the hallway outside the courtroom. Court officials said they are being very strict on keeping people from talking about the case near the jurors during the trial.

Monday, the assistant district attorney said Majors threatened Khalid Jabara's family for years because of their ethnicity and they said Majors was jealous of Jabara because he was close friends with Majors' husband.

We also heard from neighbors who heard the gunshots and ran outside to help.

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Majors' attorney argued that the suspect had untreated schizophrenia and had delusions that the Jabara family was out to get him because he is gay and that motivated the shooting.