AMARILLO, Texas - Over two days last week, the Texas Highway Patrol says it has seized 407 pounds of marijuana headed to Oklahoma City during traffic stops on I-40.

Troopers say the first stop was Wednesday, January 24th.  They say 290 pounds of marijuana worth $1.76-million were found hidden in a cargo van and trailer near Groom, Texas, which is east of Amarillo.

Three Oklahoma City residents, Suwannee Williams, 50, Alexander Williams, 31, and Justin Williams, 20, were arrested.  

The Department of Public Safety says the marijuana was coming from Nevada.

On Friday, January 26th, troopers stopped a Chevy pickup near Conway, Texas, which is also east of Amarillo. 

Inside the truck's diesel fuel tank, the Texas Highway Patrol discovered 117 pounds of marijuana worth $710,000.

Veronica Chavez-Leyva, 38 and Federico Caracoza, 42, who are also from Oklahoma City were arrested.

This time, DPS says the marijuana was coming from California.