TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - Jurors heard powerful testimony Tuesday in Stanley Majors' murder trial.

The parents and siblings of Khalid Jabara took the stand to tell the court what they saw and heard the evening their relative was murdered.

Khalid's mother, Haifa Jabara, told the jury about an incident that happened the year before her son was shot and killed. Haifa said she was walking down the street when she was hit from behind with a car, leaving her with a broken arm, leg and ribs.

She testified Majors was arrested and charged with the crime.

Tulsa Police officers who encountered Majors several times throughout his history with the Jabara family also took the stand Tuesday.

One police officer said he arrested Majors for violating the Jabara’s protective order, and when he was taking him to jail, Majors said, "You're white, I'm white. Why are you taking me to jail," and, "I can't believe the Lebanese are running the show."

The officer said Majors said the Jabaras, who are Lebanese, hated him because he's gay. The officer also said Majors made sexual advances toward him on the drive.

The trial continues Wednesday.