TULSA, Oklahoma - As the State of Oklahoma faces down another likely budget hole this year, the state's Department of Transportation is bragging how it's still managed to replaced hundreds of bridges.

On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation tweeted that it's reduced the number of structurally deficient highway bridges from over 1,100 in 2004, to about 250 as of 2016.

It provided a graphic that they say shows they reduce the number of deficient bridges by an average of 76 per year.

With state budget uncertainty and the possibility of more cuts looming next fiscal year, it's hard to tell if ODOT will be able to maintain the pace.

And don't forget about federal dollars, which have helped build many projects around the Tulsa metro.

During President Trump's State of the Union address, he called on Congress to not only pass a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill but to also fast-track the approval process.

One ODOT project in Tulsa, the bridge over I-244 at Memorial, is scheduled for completion this summer.