TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police officers took the stand Wednesday in the murder trial of Stanley Majors. Majors is charged with killing his neighbor in 2016.

Khalid Jabara's family said they believe he was murdered because he was Lebanese-American.

The district attorney called two Tulsa police officers to testify Wednesday to show a pattern of violence against the Jabara family.

Both officers said nine months before the murder, Majors ran over Jabara's mother while she was walking in the neighborhood, then drove away.

That case was still pending when police said Majors shot and killed Jabara in August 2016.

Corporal Nathan Schilling testified that Majors was a suspect early on in the investigation, even before he arrived on scene. He said it wasn't a "whodunit" case because there were eyewitnesses who pinpointed Majors as having shot and killed Jabara.

Several officers said they were familiar with Majors and the Jabara family because of their history of conflict and one of them recalled Majors calling the Jabara by what he described as "terrible names." One called it a feud.

Officers also described Majors as being aggressive and having extreme anxiety toward the Jabara family.

In cross-examination, Majors' defense attorney brought up a police report where one of the officers described him as being paranoid.

Majors' attorneys said earlier this week that he was an untreated schizophrenic and that the schizophrenia was a factor behind the murder.

The medical examiner also testified and confirmed the August 2016 homicide was the result of a gunshot wound to the lower left back hip.

The trial continues Thursday when prosecutors will play jail calls between Majors and his now-deceases husband, Stephen Schmauss.