TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police confirmed the victim in a 2014 shooting died from his injuries on November 30, 2017, bringing the 2017 total to 82. 

They said Joseph Cathcart never fully recovered from a gunshot wound to the neck he suffered on July 4, 2014, when a suspect on a motorcycle parked and walked up to him as he sat on his porch, then shot Cathcart in the neck. 

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Police said the 2017 homicide total now ties the 2016 record.

Investigators said the suspected gunman in Cathcart's death, James Redding, committed suicide in Warner, Okla., a few days after the shooting. 

Police said they believe the motive for the 2014 shooting was that Redding believed Cathcart was responsible for the 1979 death of his girlfriend Debra Ashton in Creek County. Cathcart was acquitted of the murder.