WASHINGTON - Four Oklahoma lawmakers are safe after the train they were riding collided with a truck in Virginia Wednesday morning, killing one person.

The train was carrying Republican members of Congress to a retreat.

Senator James Lankford was the first to reach out to News on 6 after the accident and gave an update over the phone. 

According to the White House on Wednesday evening, the train hit a semi-truck that was going over the tracks. 

One of those inside the truck was killed and the other seriously hurt.

As is tradition after the State of the Union Address, lawmakers go to a retreat to talk about key issues like the budget, education and immigration.

As mentioned Senator James Lankford was one of several lawmakers from Oklahoma on the train at the time of the deadly crash.

"I was seated when the impact occurred. There was a really big jolt - it partially derailed the front car. The engine in the front, the car I was in was not derailed and the engine in the back separated off," Lankford said. 

The Senator said on impact, several folks on the train got off to see what they could do to help those involved in the crash. 

"Members of the House and Senate immediately jumped off and provided aid, doing CPR and try to help the passengers from the trauma they experienced, head trauma. Very, very difficult for them obviously in providing care. Very difficult day for the families of the individuals who were in the truck just going to work today and just doing their job," Lankford said. 

The Senator said no one on the train was seriously injured, but there were several people who were standing at the time that fell down on impact who suffered minor injuries. 

The cause of the crash is under investigation right now.