CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - The dry conditions are keeping firefighters across Green Country very busy.

Creek County just issued a 14-day burn ban. It started Wednesday night.

Cherrie Nicholson and her family are preparing.

"I'm going to make sure we have all of our important documents together,” said Nicholson. “Just like last year, we will pack our clothes at the end of the bed so we can get up and go."

Nicholson and her family live in Creek County, which is under a 14-day burn ban. The ground is dry and the winds are picking up.

"When you can see the flames, it's very scary,” said Nicholson. “You wonder what do you need to pack and do you go now?"

The Green Country mom was at work when she heard firefighters were fighting flames near her home.

"What if it was our house? Because we are less than half a mile away,” she said.

Firefighters say the woman who lived in the home was not there when the fire started, but she lost everything.

"It's put your boots on and go to work,” said Creek County Commissioner Newt Stephens. “You've got fire spreading off in these conditions; you don't have time to investigate. You've just got to jump on it."

The volunteer fire department worked the scene.

"Every one of these guys were out last night and yesterday all day fighting the other two fires that were over there,” said Stephens.

Neighbors jumped into action as well, standing right alongside firefighters to stop the flames.

"As you can see out across there, it is thick, wooded area so there's no driving a grass truck down there and fighting the fire,” Stephens explained. “They get into the woods with rakes and backpack blowers and try to stop it in there, and that's a tough job."

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

If you'd like to donate, you can drop off Gatorade and water bottles to the Kellyville fire department.