CUSHING, Oklahoma - The City of Cushing moved its municipal court out of city hall Thursday as crews started fixing damage left behind by a 5.0 magnitude earthquake.

For the next month, anyone who needs to go court will have to go to a nearby city building instead.

All the cracks in the walls at Cushing City Hall are about to be fixed. 

The library, Senior Citizen Center, Youth Center and Public Safety Center are also being repaired. 

"These bricks, the mortar around these bricks had actually popped loose from the force of the shaking," said City Manager Terry Brannon. 

And although more than a year has passed, that 5.0 feeling isn't forgotten. 

"It's almost like you're trapped in time. You can't move you can't go anywhere. You're just stuck in that moment in time and it's a very weird feeling because you have no control over it," Brannon said.  

"It was pretty awful," said business owner Connie Liebenau.  

Liebenau was able to get her antique shop back up and running pretty quickly, she said, thanks to some help from good friends. 

"Awe-inspiring … it just brought tears to your eyes," she said.  

Her shelves are full of "new" antiques after many of them fell down and broke during the quake. 

"We got it done, but it was a mess. Lot, lot of stuff got thrown away," Liebenau said.  

Her repair work is done and business is starting to return to normal.

The city said its buildings were fully insured, but the cost of the damage is about $1 million.

The city manager expects all five of the city buildings needing repairs should be back to normal by June.