TULSA, Oklahoma - Surveillance video shows a man stealing, not one, but two guitars from a Tulsa music store. 

Police are still looking for the man who stole the two guitars Monday afternoon from Firey Bros Music. 

The suspect walked in and looked like he was ready to buy a guitar. 

"He asked a lot of questions seemed to be a legitimate customer," said owner Ray Firey. 

But, in the surveillance video, the man can be seen with a new guitar in hand and walks over and picks up another before running out the front door. 

Firey can be seen chasing after the suspect in the video. 

"There was a getaway car parked in the lot south of our store and she drove around ahead of us, managed to open the door and he raced and jumped in," Firey said. 

Firey said he chased them down the block, but the thief and getaway driver got away. Thursday, police are still looking for him.

"Independent business people..we have to work for every penny we get, so all of that hurts," Firey said. 

Firey is hopeful the man won't stay under the radar for long, not with his face being put out there. And, if he's watching, Firey has a  message for him.

"I would appreciate if he'd bring me the instruments back, but he needs to deal with his crime," Firey said. "I would ask him to straighten up and take a new pathway in life."

Workers say the man took off in possibly a silver four-door sedan. 

If you have any information about this crime contact CrimeStoppers at 918-596-COPS.