TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa nonprofit is under investigation for suspected fraud. 

A recent complaint from a business owner tipped off detectives to a woman who may be after your money in the name of charity. 

A circulating flyer claims to be raising $100,000 for a book scholarship program, money that police say is likely being pocketed.

"This one is very unique, we normally don't have people come forward with this type of information form a door-to-door solicitation," said Corporal Matt Rose.  

For Tulsa's Financial Crimes Unit detectives, the flyer raises red flags. 

It has a Yahoo e-mail address that doesn’t work, a bogus tax ID number under the name Doctor Philip Forbes, and claims that the money raised will go to the Applicant Learning Institute, which police say doesn't exist. 

It also has a phone number that rings to static on the other end, a number Corporal Rose has called several times. 

"I would suspect that if the police department was contacting you about your foundation the first phone call you would want to make back would be to the police department," said Rose. 

The address on the flyer, 5129 East 38th Place, comes back to a property Will Rogers United Methodist Church owns, but the church tells police they rent out the home through a property manager and don't know who lives there. 

News On 6 showed up to see if Doctor Forbes could explain his scholarship program.

The blinds were shut and no answered but News On 6 talked with several neighbors who describe the Forbes as a quiet family who never asked them for money. 

News On 6 talked with businesses along Admiral where the flyers have been passed out. 

One woman said she gave around $20, but wouldn’t do it again. 

News On 6 contacted the Secretary of State and learned The Forbes Group Funding Inc. did file paperwork to become a non-profit.

Corporal Rose is asking anyone who donated to this organization to email him at the address at mrose@cityoftulsa.org.