WASHINGTON COUNTY, Oklahoma - A Washington County man will be in court Friday morning as he faces several drugs and weapons charges.  

Michael Livingston was arrested on January 17 after his mother was shot and killed by Bartlesville Police officers after she fired a pellet gun at the officers, injuring two of them. 

His daughter said several friends and family members are expected to come out and support him Friday.

Police say they were serving a search warrant at Livingston's home in January when his mother, 72-year-old  Geraldine Townsend, came out with a pellet gun that officers say looked like a real one.

She shot at officers and they shot and killed her.

Neighbors said Livingston is the "nicest guy" and she'd do anything she could to be here for him during this time.

Livingston's daughter said the family will hold a news conference Friday afternoon where the local NAACP president will speak.