BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - A judge refused to reduce the $500,000 bond for a man whose mother was shot and killed by Bartlesville police.

He remains in jail charges for drugs and threats.

On January 17th, Bartlesville Police drove to a house on South Maple Street to serve a warrant. 

They were looking for Mike Livingston. 

When Officer's arrived, Livingston's mother, 72-year-old Geraldine Townsend, was shot and killed after she fired a pellet gun at police.

Livingston was arrested and appeared in court Friday facing drugs and threats charges.

"He made specific threats that if he were to get out he would go after police officers, their families, and specifically their children," said Washington County District Attorney Kevin Buchanan.  

Prosecutors said these threats make Livingston a danger to the public.

A judge set his bond at $500,000.

"Mr. Livingston was upset, I understand he was upset, but he was very adamant that he intended to do something in retribution for his mother being shot and killed," said Buchanan. 

Livingston's lawyers wanted to reduce his bond but were unsuccessful. 

News On 6 reached out to them, but they said they have no comment at this time.

"Our request today was that it be set no lower than $150,000. But the judge simply deferred to the district judge since he originally set it to deal with that matter," Buchanan said. 

In court, News On 6 learned that Livingston will be able to attend his mother's funeral Saturday morning. 

The family will hold a press conference Tuesday where the president of the NAACP is expected to speak.