TULSA, Oklahoma - Two new arrests have been made in a west Tulsa chop shop.

Deputies think Jared Reeder used his tow truck to steal cars then he would bring them to Brandon Walker's house to be chopped up and sold for parts.   

They said if the men felt deputies were on to them, they'd take the stolen cars over to a friend's house in Leonard. 

Deputies said they were careful as they approached Jared Reeder's house because they knew he was watching them.

"We had intel that there was a surveillance system being used in the house so you have to hit it a lot quicker and you have to keep your head on a swivel the whole time," said Casey Roebuck with the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office. 

Arrest reports say the intel was right. Deputies found Reeder in his bedroom, watching deputies on cameras he had placed around his home. 
They said they recovered 4 stolen cars and drugs at Reeder's home then went to buddy's house around the corner.

They said they found drugs and a homemade bomb inside Brandon Walker's home along with two children under the age of 10.

"To go in and find this device in the house where we know the kids were, as a parent it's disturbing, it's hard to imagine why the people entrusted to take care of these children and protect them were putting them in harm's way," Roebuck said. 

They arrested Walker for child neglect, drugs, and having explosives.

Deputies then went to Leonard and arrested two more people, Clinton Brewer and Haley Spry on drug charges.

"We believe it was all part of the same auto theft ring," Roebuck said. 

Court documents show Walker has been to prison for larceny and 2nd-degree burglary.

Reeder has a history of drug charges and Brewer has a current drug case pending.

Deputies said the ATF has the homemade bomb and Walker could be facing federal charges.