TULSA, Oklahoma - The second week of testimony gets underway Monday in Stanley Majors' murder trial.  He is accused of killing his neighbor, Khalid Jabara, in August 2016.

Monday, Majors' attorney called a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Jason Beaman to the stand. Beaman was brought in by the defense to evaluate Majors.

Beaman said he first met with Majors a couple of weeks after he shot and killed Jabara. He said he met with him three more times the next month.

After the meetings, Beaman said he diagnosed Majors with schizophrenia. He also believes Majors did not understand what he was doing when he shot Jabara.

The psychiatrist told jurors that in the weeks following the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Majors believed he was on a list of homosexuals that terrorists were targeting and that Majors believed the Jabaras were terrorists.

Beaman said Majors also though the Jabaras broke into their home and injected his late husband with cancer.

The psychiatrist said he chalks that all of that up to Majors' schizophrenia.

Thursday, prosecutors wrapped up their case against Majors.

The defense called one witness, Majors' psychiatrist at the Tulsa County jail who told the jury, Majors is taking a drug used to treat certain mental illnesses and disorders including schizophrenia.

The psychiatrist said he did not personally diagnose Majors, but he's basing that decision off other doctors' recommendations.

Court was not in session Friday.

More doctors are expected to testify as the defense tries to prove that Majors had untreated schizophrenia when he murdered Jabara.