TULSA, Oklahoma - A Muskogee Police Department K-9 officer will soon be laid to rest after he died Saturday while on duty. 

MPD said K-9 'Indie' reported to work on February 3 with his handler, Lt. William Peters, when Indie began having trouble breathing. 

Peters took Indie out of his Tahoe to check on him and the dog was barely able to stand, MPD said. 

"He was laying down, which is not normal, and he was making a strange noise. And, so, I brought him back to the station and he was having a hard time breathing and a hard time walking," Peters said.

Peters and another K-9 handler then rushed Indie to an emergency veterinarian in Tulsa, but their vehicle had a mechanical issue a few blocks from the vet clinic, MPD said. 

Peters then took Indie out of the Tahoe and carried him as Peters ran the last few blocks to the clinic. 

The vet said they believed Indie had a twisted stomach/intestine, which they said is common in larger breed dogs, Muskogee police said. 

The vet said they did not believe the surgery to correct the problem would be successful due to Indie's age. He passed away just after midnight on February 4. 

Indie began his career with MPD in 2014 after he served in the U.S. Army as a Combat Tracker. 

MPD said Indie was responsible for countless apprehensions, arrests and drug seizures. 

He lived at home with Lt. Peters and his daughter and was a part of their family. Indie was also a member of the MPD's Special Operations Team. 

Peters said there are no plans for a funeral.