TULSA, Oklahoma - It was standing room Monday night at the TPS board meeting as parents, teachers and students spoke about ongoing issues.

There were more than 300 people at the Education Service Center for the meeting, and 15 people stood up to speak about the ongoing issues at Edison School.

The PTSA president said out of the 91 teachers at Edison, 51 of them submitted letters and only one of those were positive about the environment at Edison.

“If the teachers don't want to come to school then why should the students,” said senior Tanner Floyd.

Floyd says he's noticed a drastic change from when he began his freshmen year.

"Everything went smoothly. Everyone was happy,” he said. “Throughout the past few years, school morale has gone down a lot"

Floyd was one of several students who spoke out or let their voices be heard in other ways about the ongoing issues at Edison.

“Students are the only ones with nothing to lose by speaking up,” said senior Emily Suse.

Junior Julia Manipella stated, “You can't ask for respect when you're not giving respect in return."

Multiple parents also voiced their concerns about the school.

"Our discipline program is laughable but it's not funny,” said Ronda Faulkenstein.

Two teachers spoke on behalf of the many teachers who are afraid to come forward for fear of losing their jobs.

"If we want to stop seeing teachers in the news, we have to pay like our neighboring states,” said teacher Larry Cagle.

But the students say they are the ones who are feeling the impact and say they want to encourage change for generations to come.

"The time has passed to sit idly by,” said Suse. “Injustice ends with me."

Two parents also came forward to talk about issues with administration and asked for Edison Principal Dixie Speer to step down.

Deborah Gist spoke on a few of the issues and reiterated her commitment for working towards a solution that best fits the students and teachers at Edison.