TULSA, Oklahoma - On Friday, News On 6 sounded the alarm on a potential book scholarship program scam.

Police asked you to reach out to them if the Forbes Group Funding Inc., run by Doctor Philip Forbes, contacted you for money.

Monday, Dr. Forbes invited News on 6 to sit in as detectives interviewed him in his home.

A flyer has been passed out in Tulsa and Jenks. Detectives say the phone number didn't work, the Yahoo e-mail address a little bizarre, and the money was to go to the Applicant Learning Institute which doesn’t exist.

Monday, Dr. Forbes admitted he made a few mistakes.

Detective Matt Rose: "The address you filed with the Secretary of State was an error."

Dr. Philip Forbes: "It's a typo; that's all it was."

That was the first mistake, listing an address that doesn't exist with the state of Oklahoma. The second, more serious mistake, was made on the flyer, saying donations to the Forbes Group Funding Inc. are tax deductible.

Detective Matt Rose: "I was told this morning that if someone does their taxes and files with this EIN that they don't get credit."

Forbes: "No."

Detective Matt Rose: "It doens't go back to anything."

Forbes: "No, you're absolutely right. It is not. I haven't received my tax certificate yet."

Detective Matt Rose: Who is the applicant learning institute?

Dr. Philip Forbes:  "There's no applicant; he asked me about that. There is no applicant learning institute.

Dr. Forbes says he meant any applicant who is at a learning institute and corrected it on this latest version.

So far, he has only contacted the OSU Institute of Technology in Okmulgee offering its students an application.

Detective Matt Rose: "You haven't got anything from OSU where they have agreed to adopt this program?"

Dr. Philip Forbes:  "No."

Dr. Forbes says he's collected up to $400.00 and wants anyone who made a donation to know it's refundable.

"We are happy to give any amount of money back that we got,” said Forbes.

Detective Rose believes there are more victims out there than those who have come forward.

He wants to hear from you if you donated to the Forbes Group Funding Inc in an effort to get your money back.

So far, he says nothing criminal has taken place but says Dr. Forbes is working in a very gray area when it comes to the law.