OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - An Osage County man is safe after his home caught fire early Tuesday morning, just north of Skiatook.

Firefighters said a passerby called after seeing flames from Highway 11 near Avant. They battled the flames for about four hours.

Avant's assistant chief, Morgan Sweeney, said when he got to the house much of it was already on fire.

He said the homeowner was there but didn't know his house was on fire.

“He was in bed asleep. When I got here I beat on the door and actually woke him up,” Sweeney said.

The assistant chief said someone saw a glow form the road and called 911. When Sweeney pulled up, flames had taken over one end of the home.

Sweeney said he knew one of his former firefighters was inside the home.

“He come out of the house and [it was] a real sigh of relief. We're all brothers out there,” he said.

Firefighters spent hours battling the flames and freezing temperatures.

"Everywhere we've sprayed water is an ice-skating rink. Couple of us have slipped and fell. It's part of the job," Sweeney said.

After about four hours, the fire fight ended with a home gone, but a live saved thanks to one phone call from a stranger.

Sweeney said the way the double-wide mobile home was built made fighting the fire tough.

Firefighters said the home is destroyed. They said they don't know what caused the fire but it is under investigation.