TULSA, Oklahoma - The FBI carried out a search warrant south Tulsa office building Tuesday near 91st and Yale. 

FBI agents from Tulsa and Dallas were here most of the day working on the fourth floor of this office building, searching for evidence at an accounting firm.

The FBI confirmed their agents were at this South Tulsa office building, but that was also obvious, a dozen agents from Dallas and Tulsa were on site.

The agents were working only on the 4th Floor, and the only tenant there is the accounting firm CCK Strategies.

The firm handles tax work and public accounting for a wide variety of clients.

The FBI said the Tulsa agents were supporting a case in Dallas, but wouldn’t say what kind of investigation they were working or whether the target of the investigation was the accounting firm, or one of their many clients.

The agents were on site an entire business day and left with boxes of material.

As the agents worked, the accounting office was closed. A sign on the door said the firm would re-open for normal business Wednesday morning.

The FBI cleared out about a half hour ago without comment except to say the agency doesn’t confirm their involvement in investigations.

CCK Strategies released a statement via email Tuesday afternoon: 

On Tuesday, February 6th, the office of CCK Strategies in Tulsa, received a surprise visit from Federal authorities in connection with an investigation they are conducting of a particular individual whose business is based  in Dallas. The investigation was initiated by Federal authorities in their Dallas office.

Our understanding is that this individual is not a client of CCK but that he has had some business dealings with a few of CCK’s Texas clients and the purpose of the Federal visit to CCK was to gather information about the subject individual’s activities.  CCK Strategies is not the subject of any investigation and is cooperating fully with all information requested. As of mid-afternoon on the 6th, CCK Strategies Tulsa operations were returned to normal business.  

CCK is thankful to our clients, friends and others in the community who have reached out to us throughout the day with care and support based on the very limited information that had become public.