ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Six people are in jail after a drug bust in Rogers County where deputies found 14 meth labs and a homemade bomb.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office THUG Task Force along with the District 12 DA's drug task force served four search warrants in a two-mile radius northeast of Chelsea. 

They arrested David and Andrea Nickerson in one location.

Not far up the road, they arrested Andrea's brother, James Gann.  They also picked up Rebecca Robinson and Bradley Holmes nearby. 

Deputies said their children were removed from the home for safety.

They said this case involved hours of research and surveillance.

Investigators said the suspects bought or tried to buy more than 200 boxes of pseudoephedrine in the past four years. Now, to put that into perspective, they said a person with terrible allergies might need four boxes a year.

Investigators said they found the makings of 14 different meth labs inside the homes.

"These are situations that have to be dealt with and by golly, we're doing something about it," said Major Coy Jenkins with the Rogers Co Sheriff's Office.

They also found a homemade bomb so they called Tulsa's bomb squad. The Nickersons' son said he wished he could burn the place to the ground.

A bomb tech suited up and took an x-ray machine into the house and saw it was filled with BBs so they moved everyone back and detonated it.

This is the 9th warrant they've served in the past few months. The THUG Task Force said they are trying to send a message to the folks of Rogers County, that making and selling meth won't be tolerated.