TULSA, Oklahoma - Right now, we're focused on severe winter weather, but Tuesday marks six months since another severe weather event. 

An EF2 tornado tore through Midtown last August, damaging 25 homes and more than 170 businesses.

It's probably not the priority with icy roads and cold temperatures, but now is the time to think about insurance.

Many tornado victims didn't have the right coverage and neither did their landlords or property owners.

Amity Edwards with 918 Interiors is currently slammed with 34 projects.

It's a top to bottom remodel that she started around the same time last year’s ef2 tornado left a six-mile disaster zone.

"The roof completely blew off,” she recalled. “We had a ton of water damage."

She says nearly half of their furniture and supplies were destroyed.

"It was extremely stressful because that was the first question everybody asked; 'Do you have insurance?' And I would say, ‘No.' I've lived in Oklahoma off and on my whole life and always hear about tornadoes and [think], 'No, that's never going to happen me!’ But, it did."

Mark Tedford at Tedford Insurance in Jenks says most renters know they need renters insurance for an apartment or home, but businesses renting or leasing often overlook coverage for their belongings and what's called business interruption.

"There are some that had the requirements to continue to pay rent even if they were displaced, and that's something that can be covered."

With tornado season a little more than a month out, Tedford Insurance is about planning ahead, and say it's good to do the planning now.

Edwards is sanding down the past and painting a new future for her company.

"I try to find a bright spot in any situation, even when it's so devastating such as a tornado,” she stated.The biggest insurance advice: read your lease before you sign.

Tedford Insurance says most businesses can get adequate coverage for less than $100 a month.