MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - A driver is lucky to be alive after her car slid on icy roads on Highway 69 north of Muskogee.

News On 6 crews have been driving around for several hours now checking out road conditions in the area, and they've been getting progressively worse throughout the night. 

But when heading southbound on Highway 69, it was like night and day difference.

You couldn't see the ice coming. 

A truck driver says he was heading south on Highway 69 when all of a sudden, he saw a driver flip several times into oncoming traffic.

He says he tried to stop but was relieved to see the driver of the car walking around when he got out of his truck.

She had a few minor scratches but was alert, talking and even called her family to let them know she was okay.

“She's got a guardian angel,” said William Strand. “I saw her get out of the car and stand there and just seeing oil on the ground and knowing that she's okay and calling her family members to tell them she's okay. Yeah, she's got a guardian angel.”

Strand said he was heading southbound from Tulsa and didn't have much trouble until he was south of the Muskogee Turnpike,  but even in Muskogee, there are slick spots.

If you are heading out, be careful and take it slow.