TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Public Schools is getting a head start on recruiting new teachers for the next school year.

TPS is launching a new program called "Tulsa Teacher Corps," which is a district-run teacher development program.

The district they will not only focus on on hiring seasoned educators, but also on training and developing new teachers, through the "Tulsa Teachers Corps."

The district will select Corps members through what it calls a "competitive application process."  The members will have to complete a five-week hands-on training program this summer.

Then they'll spend a year developing teaching techniques, as full time teachers, with personalized training and coaches to help guide them.

Corps members must have a bachelors degree and pass a background check.

TPS says the program is funded in part by a federal grant program.

To learn more, visit Tulsa Teacher Corps and to submit an application, you can do so at teachtulsa.org.