JOPLIN, Missouri - A man arrested in Joplin, Missouri, admitted to a Tulsa bank robbery.

Tuesday morning, Tulsa Police responded to a BOK branch in the 1600 block of North Lewis. They said a man with a gun went into the bank, demanded money then left the scene.

No one was injured.

Tulsa Police released surveillance video, hoping someone would recognize the suspect.

Tuesday afternoon, Joplin Police responded to a bank after employees reported a man in a Ford Mustang with temporary tags was driving in the lot suspiciously.

When officers arrived, they learned the man had gone into the bank, stood around and acted suspiciously.

Officers responded to another bank that same afternoon for a similar call.

Joplin Police said the man returned to one of the banks. Officers went to the scene and arrested the man for traffic violations.

They said the man gave a false identity and was booked into jail then bonded out.

Joplin Police learned of the Tulsa robbery and contacted the FBI. They found the man Tuesday evening and arrested him for giving a false identity.

Tulsa Police said the man admitted to robbing the Tulsa BOK bank and detectives are finalizing a warrant for his arrest.

Sources tell us the man in custody is named Joshua Gilchrist.