TULSA, Oklahoma - New developments at Tulsa's Philbrook Museum are coming. The huge yarn installation in the rotunda is being replaced by something new and even bigger.

Sand Springs Elementary kids are visited the Philbrook, looking up, and I'm sure, wondering what in the world.

Rachel Hayes is the artist. She says she’s been at work on the developments since last year.

“We've been talking about this since last summer,” she said.

She took photographs, studied the space and planned the installation in her head.

“How can I make it look interesting from all angles?” she asked herself.

Hayes is a Tulsa Artist Fellow who has recently moved to Tulsa, and she is the second artist in the Philbrook Rotunda Series.

"We're a museum; why not use the space we have to highlight an artist? And when it's a person who is based in Tulsa, that's even better for us,” said communications manager Jeff Martin.

The idea is to give museum visitors something colorful and exciting when they walk in the door. Hayes’s installation is designed to spread color beyond the rotunda and into the restaurant below.

To learn more about Hayes and other projects she's done, visit her website.