OKAY, Oklahoma - A community is coming together to honor teenagers Brindon Gillin and Hunter Baumann.
They died in a car accident near Fort Gibson Lake late last week.

Brindon and Hunter went to Okay High School where student covered the teens' lockers with flowers and notes.

Gestures all over town show just how special these boys were to the community. 

15-year-old Brindon Gillin and 16-year-old Hunter Baumann were Oklahoma boys through and through. 

"He was just very outdoorsy. Loved the outdoors. He grew up in the woods and on the water and that is all we ever did," said Hunter’s dad Chris Baumann. 

"We fished. We hunted together. Ever since we were little," said Brindon’s brother Wayland Gillin. 

The two fun-loving friends were inseparable.

"He was amazing. We did everything together," said Brindon’s brother Wayland.  

"He was very kindhearted and he would do anything for anybody and he always looked out for all them and everybody else before he did his self. That was just Hunter's way," said Hunter’s dad Chris. 

Their young lives were cut short Friday night when the truck they were driving crashed near Fort Gibson Lake and caught fire. 

A makeshift memorial now stands at the spot where the two died.

“I told him I love you before I went to work Friday morning and I told him I would see him when I got home and that didn't happen." Said Hunter’s dad. 

Now the community is rallying around both families, raising money and putting up memorials so Hunter and Brindon's mark on the small town of Okay will never be forgotten.

"Everybody in our community has really come together as one, and been there for both families, for both of them boys. The support has been unreal," said Hunter’s dad, "They are missed and they are loved very much and they touched a lot of people. They died way too young."

The principal said counseling is available for any student who needs it.