MUSKOGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - The family of a woman attacked by a dog near Muskogee is speaking out.

She has severe injuries to both her legs.

Rose Hammer is in the hospital recovering after nearly losing her leg.

Her family said they don't know that she would have made it without the help of her neighbors.

Rose Hammer's sons, John and Roger, are in Tulsa by their mother's side.

"Without going into detail, there's not a whole lot left below her knee," said John. 

A large neighborhood dog attacked her Sunday while she was out for a walk with her miniature schnauzer, Holly.

"She walks that road every day with her little dog, it just happens that day the dogs were out," said John. 

During the attack, Rose managed to save her dog Holly, but couldn't get away as the dog tore into her legs.

That's when a neighbor came to the rescue.

"His dogs were going nuts inside the house and he went to let them out and that's when he heard my mother screaming and took off running," John said. 

"If it wasn't for him, she may not be here today. So, we have a lot to be thankful for," said Roger. 

They said around that same time their dad heard the screaming from their home down the street and came running.

"And he heard her words, help me, help me, help me, laying on the ground," said Rose’s daughter-in-law Kim Hammer. 

John remembers the phone call.

"I really couldn't understand him, he was hysterical. And I just got enough out of him that she was attacked and he didn't know if she was going to die or not,” John said. 

Hammer's recovery could take months or even years.

Her family said this ordeal has been tragic for everyone involved.

"The owners of the dogs, obviously they didn't want that to happen and it's just going to be a long process," John said. 

They said their mom is in good spirits and they know if anyone can make a comeback, it's their Rose.

"She's tough and she will get through this," Roger said. 

The sheriff's office sent its report to the District Attorney who will decide if any charges will be filed.

It's not clear yet what, if anything, will happen to the dog.

If you'd like to help the family, you can visit their GoFundMe page