KIEFER, Oklahoma - A Glenpool teen is being hailed a hero after helping a motorcycle driver who crashed in Kiefer. 

The hero of the story almost slipped away unnoticed but Wednesday, he told us he was just glad to help.

Robert Morris, 17, a high school junior, hoped his good deed would go unnoticed.

"Just nothing to bring attention to himself," said assistant principal Shad Miller. "What happened with this incident fits perfectly with his demeanor and personality."

It all started Tuesday afternoon along a road when a kid on a motorcycle wrecked, just as Robert was driving by.

"As he was going, he hit a patch of gravel and he fishtailed the dirtbike," Morris said.

That kid on the dirtbike was 15-year-old Braden Boyd.

"He got off his bike and said I'm fine and he looked down at his leg and realized he's not OK," Morris said. 

Morris called 911, but decided the injury couldn't wait.

So, he rushed him to the police station.

"When I rolled up the driver is flagging me down, and I got out and took a look at the kid," said Kiefer Police Chief Johnny O'Mara. 

The fire department came to help and Braden is going to be OK.

But in the rush, the Good Samaritan in the red car quietly drove off unnoticed and that would have worked, before the internet.

The Kiefer Police Chief posted praise, calling the teenager "most impressive" with a thank you to the "Red Car Kid." 

"He gets in his car and goes...we never got a chance to get any information," O'Mara said. 

"He's definitely the red car hero," said his mother, Heather Morris.

Robert's mom says it's just how he is.

"You treat others the way you want to be treated and that's what he done," Morris said of her son.

It took 17 stitches to close up Braden's cut, and though he was in shock and lost a lot of blood, he's OK.

The two boys - and two moms - hope to get together soon.