TULSA, Oklahoma - Two U.S. postal workers who were accused of teaming up to steal drugs from the mail are scheduled to be sentenced in federal court.

The Postal Service Office of Inspector General confirms Laura Campbell pleaded guilty to conspiracy earlier this week and Derek Miller pleaded guilty earlier this year to the same charge.

Investigators say Derek Miller was taking packages off of the lines at a local mail processing facility to see if they had drugs in them, and would bring them to Laura Campbell's office.

They say Campbell admitted that she'd let Miller bring boxes into her office, took the drugs out and was a lookout.

Investigators say they found 13 pounds of marijuana in her home as well as a half a pound of cocaine, 300 ecstasy tablets and 152 hydrocodone tablets

In Miller's home, investigators found 25 pounds of marijuana.

Derek Miller will be sentenced in April and Laura Campbell will be sentenced in May.