TULSA, Oklahoma - 40 years ago, a Tulsa record store had visiting musicians create some lasting memories in the sidewalk around the store.

The store is gone, but the handprints and autographs are still there.

Now, a building rehab project has fans concerned about those celebrity handprints.

Building owner Terry Palmer said a facelift is long overdue. It is now the home for Ehrles Party Supply, but forty years ago it was the home for Peaches Records and Tapes.

“Recording artists would come by and put their hands in concrete just like they do in Hollywood," said Palmer. 

Almost 40 years later, they're still there. Some names aren't memorable, but some like Mickey Gilley, Hank Williams Jr., Ray Price, and 38 Special are. 

Tulsan Dwight Twilley remade his a few years back.

Anyway, longtime fans who know these things are there are concerned by the construction going on. 

Ashley Skelton of Ehrles fields the calls about what's going on outside.

“Daily we get phone calls and people coming into the store specifically to ask about it," said Skelton. 

Terry Palmer said the celebrity handprints and autographs are not going anywhere. Although, he said he's turned down some big money over the years from people wanting to buy them. 

He's not selling, so when you go to Ehrles for your Mardi Gras supplies, check 'em out.

It's a nice memory.

Some of the pieces have had to be moved from their original locations, but they'll all find a home in the sidewalk around the building.