TULSA, Oklahoma - The CDC is calling this the worst flu outbreak in 8-years and if you've had the flu already, there's a chance you could get it again.  

129 Oklahomans have died since September.

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23 of those deaths were reported in Tulsa County, just shy of the record and there's still 9-weeks left in the flu season.    

“This is probably the worst flu season of the last 15 years,” said Dr. Emily Grewe-Nelson.  

If it seems like everyone in your family and at work is sick, that's because this year’s flu season is relentless!!

Dr. Emily Grewe-Nelson said you need “rest, fluids, lots of both of those.”

Sound familiar? If you've had the flu already you know it takes a lot of rest, fluids and medicine to get you back to 100%. But did you know you could end up getting it again?

“I would say it's not too terribly common but it can definitely happen,” said Dr. Grewe-Nelson.  

That's not good news when you look at the latest numbers from the Oklahoma Health Department- 

129 people in Oklahoma have died from the flu since September. 

23 are from Tulsa County alone. 

Nearly 3,000 people around the state have gotten so sick they needed to go to the hospital. 

"If you're getting worse or if you got better and are now getting worse those can be signs that you're having serious complications from the flu," said Dr. Grewe-Nelson.  
Those complications can even put you in the hospital. But before things get out of hand, Dr. Grewe-Nelson said at the first sign of symptoms, connect with your doctor to get better faster. Also, even if you've had the flu doctor's say get the vaccine. 

 “It's not too late. As long as there are active cases of the flu in the community which there definitely still are right now, it's recommended to go ahead and still get the flu shot,” said Dr. Grewe-Nelson.  
Flu season typically lasts 11-20 weeks and we are in week 11 now. 

It's obvious but so important that if you start getting sick to stay away from large groups of people and stay home from work while you're contagious.