PAWNEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - Sheriff's deputies announced they've found a missing woman's vehicle. 

Kathy Hemphill has been missing since last October, and now that deputies have found her missing PT Cruiser, they'll process it for evidence.

Deputies also arrested the man who's considered a person of interest in Hemphill's missing person case. 

Deputies arrested John Lee Thursday after leading police on a car chase and then a foot pursuit spanning two counties. Lee even rammed a police car during the incident. 

Police followed Lee into Pawnee County where he jumped out of the truck while it was still moving. 

“The vehicle's wheels were still moving when we walked up to it,” said Smith.  

Officers said that's when Lee waded across the river into Osage County. 

Osage County deputies arrested him after several hours of searching and turned him over to Pawnee County..

TCSO said they plan to process the vehicle for potential evidence as soon as possible. 

Lee was interviewed by TCSO in the Pawnee County jail Friday morning, and they said he's considered a person of interest in Hemphill's missing persons case, not a suspect.