TULSA, Oklahoma - Providing clothing and giving back to the community is the business plan for a new Oklahoma apparel company.

All it took to get it going was a leap of faith.

A mini storage unit acts as the fulfillment center for Lokal Apparel, the company Brandon Townsdin started a year ago. 

The name is a combination of “local” and “Oklahoma”, which puts Brandon right where he wants to be.

“As soon as I found the name, that created the brand behind it. I knew I had something, I had to run with or I was gonna miss out on the opportunity," said Townsdin. 

He had saved up enough to be able to jump in with both feet, and it's beginning to catch on. He has four basic designs he takes to fairs and shows.

He's online and on Facebook. He sells a shirt, packs it up, and ships it out.

The other aspect of his business plan is to give back.

“Each month to have a charity that we host as the featured charity, then a certain percentage which is ten percent of any sale will go to that charity," said Townsdin,

The charity this month is Tulsa's Little Lighthouse. Long term, he'd like to help others do what he has done.

If you'd like more information about Lokal Apparel and what they're doing or maybe a cool T-shirt to help Tulsa's Little Lighthouse, visit their website