TULSA, Oklahoma - It's been a busy day for first responders as slick roads in Tulsa cause drivers to spin out and crash.

Firefighters also battled flames during the bitter temperatures. 

Freezing drizzle is to blame for several slick spots along Highway 169.

Two men walked away from separate crashes on the highway near 91st Street. 

One driver said after he slipped, he ended up stuck in both lanes of traffic.
He said someone stopped to help push his car out of the road before something worse happened. 

Miles away, another driver near 11th street on Highway 169 went to the hospital with an arm injury after hitting a slick spot. 

Officer Andrew Zaferes with Tulsa Police said they were "probably going too fast."

Tulsa police said she lost control and started swerving.

"And then this poor guy couldn't stop and he collided with that other car and that hit the wall," said Officer Zaferes. 

Near 51st Street, a driver slipped off of Highway 169 and rolled over. Tulsa police said he's OK because he was wearing his seatbelt. 

Officer Andrew Zaferes said there's something else drivers can do to try to stay safe during these conditions. 

"Slow down and pre-plan your moves. Anticipation! You can't make sudden moves on this kind of weather, just you'll slip out and lose control," he said. 

While drivers made their way through town, a woman and her two children escaped their burning apartment at Mohawk Manor. 

As firefighters took what was left of the family's beds out of the apartment, they also kept their eyes out for two cats.  

"We were looking for some cats. We haven't found them yet. A lot of times if the door gets left open when people leave, the cat will be scared or whatever and they'll go ahead and run out of the building," said Captain Keith Beck.  

Captain Beck said investigators are working to figure out exactly what started the fire but they believe it was an accident. 

The Red Cross is helping the family. 

"It's obviously very, very cold and this lady has a newborn and everything and the last thing we want to do is leave them without a place to stay," said Beck.